Pottery Classes for All Ages

Throwing pots is a wonderful experience for people of all ages. It requires patience and attention to detail. For the very young, it is a way to experience a new facet of creation. For older children, it provides a new outlet for their energy. Young adults may like exploring their freedom by letting their imagination flow through their hands and into the clay. Decorating their pieces may give them a sense of peace in a newly confusing world.

Older adults have found patience and attention to detail have their own rewards. For this group of people, working clay is an exercise for their hands and a way to relax their minds. They use throwing pots as a way to bring their creative focus back into play. The elderly are a group that can find new life in the creative process of throwing clay pots. They have long had the virtues of patience and attention. Clay gives them the reward of a beautifully crafted pot for their virtues.

Classes for new students may combine age groups if the teacher finds they work well together. Private classes for small groups are easily arranged. This works best for the elderly who are hard of hearing. Their digital hearing aids work well in a class situation where there is very little noise. They can hear the teacher’s instructions and immediately put them into action. They have the focus necessary to take instructions and apply them correctly.

There are many reasons to take the time to learn pot throwing on a wheel. The creative process brings out the best in people of all ages. It gives young and old alike a chance to experience a process outside of their normal lives. It brings focus down to a small area that can be easily managed, and it creates a sense of peace and accomplishment.